Friday, February 22, 2008


Here's a free group sms service by smsgupshup. You can send msg to a group at once by forwarding your msg to the gupshup number. It costs you one national sms cost when sending through your mobile and absolutely free of cost when sent through net. where from net?? from your gmail.. Send group/private sms' the same way you chat in gmail :) Here is the link.

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What's GupShup?

GupShup is a free group sms service to connect with your friends and follow your passions over SMS.

GupShup enables you to:

  • Send messages to a group of friends or share your thoughts with the world (learn more)
  • Receive messages from friends or groups that interest you (learn more)

A few good things:

  • GupShup keeps you connected and informed
    • You can enjoy your mobile lifestyle and send and receive messages on the go
    • Friends from around the world can send you messages on your mobile phone
  • GupShup is free
    • You send one SMS to us, and we forward it to your group for free
    • Create an online account and send messages for absolutely no cost
  • GupShup let's you express yourself
    • Tell your friends how you are feeling
    • Join groups you love or causes you support
    • Start something that you want to share with the world.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Get free logins and passwords :)

You're browsing the web and you click a link to an article on a site (let's say but instead of getting the article you get a screen asking you to login or register. Infuriated at the idea of pointlessly registering for yet another site you turn to your good buddy

Here in this site you can get a user ids and passwords for any site. Hence we dont need to register for any site which you think you're not going to use again.
Here is the link