Sunday, April 13, 2008

forget mouse in gmail.

wanna some keyboard shortcuts for gmail???
just press `?` when in gmail - keyboard shorts appear..
it makes it fast to load and browse.
Have shortcuts for all functions in gmail :-D
you'll have to enable keyboard shortcuts in your setting first.
settings--> key board shortcuts on

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

wanna speak french?

Google can make you speak in any foreign language of your choice!

Je suis un mec français - this is french!

我是中国人 -this is chinese

Ich bin ein Kerl Deutsch - this is german

these r just samples.. if u want to spk in these languages just add those language bot to your buddy list.
to spk in french add to your list.
any english sentence you send you'll get the french translation for that!
similar translation code for other languages! :-
ar2en, en2ar (Arabic<->English)
bg2en (Bulgarian->English)
de2en, en2de (German<->English)
de2fr, fr2de (German<->French)
el2en, en2el (Greek<->English)
es2en, en2es (Spanish<->English)
fi2en (Finnish->English)
fr2en, en2fr (French<->English)
hi2en (Hindi->English)
hr2en (Croatian->English)
it2en, en2it (Italian<->English)
ja2en, en2ja (Japanese<->English)
ko2en, en2ko (Korean<->English)
nl2en, en2nl (Dutch<->English)
ru2en, en2ru (Russian<->English)
uk2en (Ukrainian->English)
ur2en (Urdu->English)
zh2en, en2zh (Chinese<->English)

start putting scene in ur chaaats !


What are you doing?
This is the first question everyone asks you at the start of a chat.
this service twitter answers for it on your behalf. its simple and an important advantage is you can use it in your google mail itself and no need to go to the site. (similar like webaroosms).
Just register in the site and add to your google buddy list. Thats it. Now twitter will say you your friend's updates to you and the other way too.
here's the link
PS. my nick name here is balkierode.