Friday, December 28, 2007

gmail,orkut scraps,Latest News On one page -- RSS

Hi friends,

Here's my first post next to intro. Most of us come to internet to check our orkut scraps and our Gmail .here is an easy way to check both in a single page, Use RSS.

RSS- for guys who are unaware of what is RSS; it’s a way of get updates from a website without actually visiting it.

RSS reader- its a software (either online or offline) used to read RSS.

  • Google reader

  • Yahoo mail - latest version

  • igoogle page

  • My yahoo page

  • Ie7

  • Firefox - live bookmarks (there r other plugins also)

Depending upon ur convineance u may select any of the above or any other reader - there are lots moreIf u r goin to surf from the same comp, browser's reader would b fine or go for google reader which rocks.

Here's a screen shot of it

Once you go to this page click on the “Add Subscription” link to add your subscription

Cool RSS

  • Add a Orkut Scrapbook[the profile’s uid] (You Can add rss to anyone’s scrapbook)

  • Add Community messages[community id]

  • Add ur mails from gmail[your gmail username][your gmail password]

  • Add blogs

  • Flicker photos (mine)

  • News

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