Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Which Email??

Any frequent internet user usually has a couple of mail accounts.
The best suited for all is the Gmail but others have certain advantages over the gmail.
Yahoo mail
The Yahoo mail which was the best before gmail has its speciality of unlimited storage. It also has a outlook like user interface which allows browsing thru multiple msgs easy.The major disadvantage of this is the ads at the right. Also the loading time for yahoo mail is slooow. U can have your email addresses short like @ymail.com :) Its a good idea to have the same id as of gmail in ur ymail too. you're likely to get ur prefered id for ur ymail.
Hot mail
I dont find anything attractive with hotmail. Only thing is that many users still use MSN for chatting.
In mail
This is a new email. It has a good advantage of sending future mails. Yes, you can schedule when to send ur mail. Also u can browse ur yahoo and gmails in the In mail id itself. Other thing is that ur email address can be very small like my new address is 2408@in.com , Guess u can have even 4 digit ids which makes the email addresses very small.
Find anyother mails better??? post on comments :)
p.s posting after very long.

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